Life Memberships and Volunteers Awards

Life Membership enables the Centre to honour and thank members for guiding our direction over the years and enabling the Centre to provide access to community legal to the people of Central Queensland


Adrienne Jackson

Adrienne’s involvement with the Centre began in the mid 1990’s when she first jointed as a member of the Centre.  She was elected to the Management Committee in 2005 and over the ensuing years she held the positions of Secretary, Treasurer and Committee Member until her retirement from the Management Committee in 2018.   Adrienne commitment to the Centre was at the personal level through donating her time to the  Centre management and at a business level providing assistance to our clients through former business Commercial Legal Services and still remains an active member of the Centre.

Lauren Farrelly

Lauren first joined the  Centre as a member in 2011 and in 2012 was appointed to the Management Committee as President.  Lauren retained the role of President for 6 years and  retired from the role of  President in late 2018.  In addition to her full time role as a Solicitor, Lauren gave unstintingly of her time and skills to ensure the Centre achieved its goals and  provided guidance for the Centre as it refocused its geographical footprint through providing in person access to legal assistance across the broader Central Queensland area.  Lauren remains as an active member of the Centre.


Volunteer of the Year Award – 2019

Grant & Simpson

Founded in Rockhampton in 1897 Grant & Simpson service clients throughout Australia. Grant & Simpson are committed to continuing the firm’s long tradition of delivering legal services of a high standard at a reasonable cost.
When the Centre first sought volunteers to enable the establishment of its evening clinic in 2016, three staff from Grant and Simpson volunteered their time to assist those who may not have been able to afford legal advice. The initial volunteers were Allan Grant (partner), Katherine Lord (associate partner), and Bianca White (lawyer). Joshua Morgan (lawyer), who replaced Bianca White on the roster, was a student volunteer at the Centre for two years before his admission.
In 2018, demand for advice within the area of estates administration exceeded the Centre’s capacity and John Siganto (partner) volunteered to undertake a monthly outreach clinic in Rockhampton to assist our clients with their legal problems.
The staff at Grant & Simpson have assisted the Centre to achieve its Mission Statement of sustainable and accessible legal services for the Central Queensland Community. Further the contribution of their time and knowledge has underpinned the Centre’s goals in providing and supporting client services.
The contribution made to the Centre and its clients highlights their dedication and commitment to social justice through the provision of access to law and justice for the socio-economically