Community Legal Education

Community Legal Education (CLE) activities are coordinated to increase awareness, understanding and critical examination of the law and legal system.

CLE enables members of the community to avoid legal disputes arising, resolve legal problems when they do arise and pursue justice.

Community legal education activities are delivered to raise awareness and improve education and understanding of the law and help members of the community to recognise, prevent and deal with legal problems.

CQCLC provides community legal education as part of its core services to the public.

Community legal education is inclusive of a wide range of activities designed to educate people about their legal rights and responsibilities as well as prevent legal disputes and empower people in their pursuit of justice.

CQCLC provides community legal education and training to both professional and community groups inclusive of (but not limited to) the following mediums:

  • Legal information factsheets
  • Workshops about our services and what we offer
  • Workshops about specific legal issues and areas of the law
  • Provision of information to student bodies
  • Tailored workshops on specific legal issues

Interested in hosting an event? Please contact us on (07) 4922 1200

Community Legal Education Videos

The CQCLC have produced a number of short videos to assist you with some of the more common legal questions we hear. These videos also contain Australian Sign Language interpretations for those with hearing difficulties.

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