Health Justice Partnerships

Health justice partnerships embed legal help into healthcare services and teams to improve health and well being for:

  • individuals, through direct service provision in places that they access.
  • people and communities vulnerable to complex need, by integrating service responses around client needs and capability.

Emerald Medical Group

The Central Highlands Health Justice Partnership provides an opportunity for patients of the Emerald Medical Clinic to access free and confidential legal advice.  The service is founded on sound research that shows many patients seeing their General Practitioner are also experiencing some kind of legal issue.

On Wednesday, November 6th a new service starts in Emerald.  The service will initially be provided on a Wednesday each fortnight.”

Michael Bishop (Central Highlands Healthcare CEO).

“Referrals from General Practitioners for custody, domestic violence, sexual assault, financial, tenancy and family issues are likely to be the most prevalent”, said Kasey Wilson from Central Queensland Community Legal Centre.

“Patients experiencing a legal difficulty may ask their doctor for a referral or the General Practitioner may initiate the conversation.”