Community Education

Community Education

The CQCLC can deliver community education through seminars, talks, stalls and articles.

Community education can serve a number of purposes. It can be an avenue:

  • for people to find out what their legal rights and responsibilities are
  • to tell people what they can do to enforce their rights and carry out their responsibilities
  • to tell people what they might do in certain circumstances eg: if they get arrested; if they have a car accident
  • to tell people about the CQCLC and what it does

The CQCLC may provide community education on topics such as:

  • family law eg: children’s matters; property matters
  • consumer law eg: buying a car; refunds
  • elder abuse including enduring powers of attorney and wills.

The topics listed are just some examples. If you are interested in a particular topic you should contact the CQCLC to make further inquiries. If the CQCLC does not have the expertise in that area of law, we will try to refer you to another organisation that might be able to assist.

Usually, community education is provided face to face in groups. The Centre aims to make its community education as accessible, practical and easy to understand as possible.

The CQCLC often provides information stalls at community events or workshops. Anyone wishing the CQCLC to provide material for such an event should contact the Centre.

Community education programs are free.


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