Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan


To overcome barriers in accessing justice through the utilisation of traditional and non-traditional service delivery.


Enhance and broaden access to legal services for the socially, economically or geographically disadvantaged throughout Central Queensland and the surrounding region.


The Central Queensland Community Legal Centre is committed to the core values of:
Quality: Deliver quality services that provide a positive impact for our clients and the community.
Community-centric relationships: Build relationships through maintaining and enhancing our existing relationships and creating new relationships.
Diversity: A commitment to an inclusive culture without discrimination so everyone is treated equitably.
Efficiency: Use funding and resources effectively and efficiently to enable growth and seek diversity in funding source to enhance capacity and capability.
Commitment: Work with our diverse communities within the region to deliver a professional service in all aspects of our operations.
Innovation: Grow and adapt to the changing environment of the communities in which we work and adopt innovative approaches to new challenges.


  1. To provide access to quality legal services that are focused on, and accessible to those in the community facing disadvantage.
  2. To explore partnerships with community organisations to provide a client-centric approach in accessing legal and non-legal services.
  3. To broaden our geographic reach in rural and remote areas utilising technology to augment the provision of legal services and education.
  4. To build centre sustainability to enable the centre to respond to evolving service demand.


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