Community Legal Education

Community Legal Education

Community Legal Education (CLE) differs from Community Education (CE) in that CLE activities aim to raise awareness and understanding of the law and the legal system whilst CE aims to resolve non-legal associated issues focusing on issues that directly impact upon a person’s ability to access or participate in the justice system, to prevent legal matters escalating.

The Centre provides community legal education (CLE) as part of its core services to the community. It includes a wide range of activities designed to educate people about their legal rights and responsibilities as well as prevent legal disputes.

CLE can be presented in many formats including:

  • Legal information factsheets
  • Workshops about specific legal issues and areas of the law
  • Provision of information to community groups
  • Tailored workshops on specific legal issues
  • Multi-media – Videos, theatre presentations and radio segments
  • Seminars to educate community groups, agencies and individual


The CQCLC have produced two sets of short videos to assist you with some of the more common legal questions we hear. The first series of videos provide help with everyday Australian and Queensland laws for people from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse communities, immigrants and refugees.

These can be accessed from Aussie Laws

The second set of videos feature Affidavits, Family Law, Employment, Estates and Court. These videos also contain Australian Sign Language interpretations for those with hearing difficulties. These can be accessed from the links above.

Community Education

Whilst CLE can be viewed as an early intervention and prevention strategy, Community Education (CE) aims to resolve non-legal associated issues, social welfare, learning outcomes and personal development of people involved in the legal process and experiencing disadvantaged.

The purpose of community education and development is to help build the knowledge of people and groups of all ages.


These are defined by community need and examples of topics have included:

  • Grandparents & their rights
  • Family Law
  • Neighbourhood Disputes
  • Wills & Estates
  • Elder Abuse

Cost & Location

Our programs are free and we will bring our presentation to you.

Please contact the Centre on 07 4922 1200 on how we can assist you.


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